2018 Retrospective

Almost 2019 it seems. If I give a little thought of 2018, it seems that I've done much more compared to 2017. Mainly because almost all of my spare time went solely to myself and computers. Somewhat bitter-sweet, lol.

There are a few notable things for me. And, again, mostly related to computers.

Put Haskell to Production

I've put a program which was written in Haskell at $WORK. AFAICT, my $WORK is the first company 'round here that put Haskell into production. I've also learnt a lot from this process. Though mostly not directly related to technical aspect.

New Hobby

If I remember correctly, I wanted to have a mechanical keyboard circa 2015. And this year, I decided to actually do that. One thing leads to another, now I'm building my fourth mech. keyboard. What the actual fuck, yeah. That's excessive. And, because I dislike gaudy things, I keep my keyboards as simple as possible.

Translated a Book

I wrote a Scala application for my graduation req. So, I somewhat have a softspot to that language. By chance, I saw Mr. Halliday's book about FP in Scala and, "Screw it! Let's translate that book for shit and giggle!", I said to myself in my building's toilet. I've learned a lot of things in the process. Not only I can be categorised as an uneducated dude, but also I've never read computer science literature in my mother tongue. All in all, it was a nice experience.

Side Projects

I don't know, I guess I need something to think about when $WORK is not really nice. Fortunately, my old man had something for me to do. Though practically I spend some pennies here and there because of this thing, it's alright. I like playing around with something new like Elm and Dart.

Not so Personal

My Cat is A Prick

Well, I've spent almost 5.000.000 just for his food. Yeah, what the fuck indeed. Not only that, he also doesn't want to stay still whenever I am home. What a prick! I still love him, tho!


Or perhaps ambient sounds. Lately, I tend to put Shaykh Nazim (may God be pleased with him) , Shaykh Hisham, and Dr. Nour Kabbani's suhbats when I do something.

RIP Terry

May he found the peace he couldn't find in this life and write the network stack directly to God in His heaven.

Also F U CIA!

For 2019

Marketable Things

It seems that I have to have marketable skills like JavaScript or Go or whatever. You know, CurrentHipTechShitâ„¢. Perhaps I will try to port some of my existing toys to Go or Rust.


I want to learn GUI programming. Preferably something native and cross platform. So, fltk is at the top list. Perhaps, I will try to write a 4chin or rebbit client. idk.

Brainfuck Thingy

Not interpreter, but a compiler. Though probably it will take more than 6 months of spare time.


Basically that's it. Yeah, I did not much but arguably much more than the previous year. I have nothing to expect, by the way.

This material is shared under the CC-BY License.