Minimalistic Blog

It's just a rambling on a friday night, don't really mind it.

I just read these nice articles, Guidelines for Brutalist Web Design and Delivering WordPress in 7KB. Needlessly to say, I completely agree with them.

At least, there are a few things that I noticed on those articles:

  1. The earth will be unhabitable for us if the trend is going to stay the same.
  2. Web technology sucks a lot of energy for sub-optimal things.
  3. People will not stop consuming contents on the web.
  4. People who believe in the moral consequences of the second point and capable of doing something about it should actually do it.
  5. One of a few things that could be done is making the consumption be more efficient.
  6. Point number 5 could be accomplished by reducing non-contents from the web.
  7. Brutalism design helps achieving point number 6 by a lot.

So, I removed javascript and half of my css from this blog. It went from ~2kb to 676bytes of css and no js at all. Each and every points from the first article has been fulfilled. This site's contents are readable on all reasonable screens and devices, you can only click on hyperlinks, all links are underlined, you can confidently press that m.f. back button, there's only content here, and this site is so damn fast. You can't really beat static site tbh, fam. I guess my desires have been achieved. All in all, I achieved my moralistic ideal using a brutalist approach.

Hahaha. I'm kidding. I just want to have a minimalist blog. I'm suck at user interface, tbh fam.

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