Ducky ONE TKL Cherry MX Green

I bought another new mech. keyboard in less than two months since my first purchase. I don't know, man. But I guess. I really like the tactile sensation when typing. And compared to the previous one, which uses MX Blue, this one feels much more satisfying when I type on it.

As for the reason why did I pick this brand and type, basically all I look for is "anything that uses green switch, no LED, and relatively cheap." Although truth to be told, when my sister know the price of this kind of thing, she weirded out because of the price.

Okay, let's talk about this keyboard itself.


Shit is really good, man. I'm typing this entry using this right now. The tactile feeling is, unsurprisingly, much stronger compared to Cherry MX Blue. While the sound when I type on it is much quiter than the blue one. Not to mention that the actuation force is what exactly I want. I rarely bottom it out! This is really nice, man!

Form Factor

Because it is a TKL, I can use it while lying on top of my back. Which is really nice when I choose to be a lazyfuck.

The weight? Much lighter than my other mech. keyboard.


I like it less compared the keycaps from iKBC ones. Now I know why does r/mechanicalkeyboards prefer PBT instead of ABS.


I guess I really am happy with this purchase. Now, I don't know which one I should use at home and which one I should use at work.

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