Ayyy! New Site!

Finally I have my own site. Having a personal site was one of a few things that I-wish-I-had-but-hadn't

There are a few components of this site.


Truth to be told, this site is a badly done pun from "siskamling", "Sistem Keamanan Lingkungan". Even until now, I'm not really sure why did I choose this stupid pun as the domain.

But let me look at the brighter side. link tlds are relatively cheaper compared to the other domain. Just by, approximately, US$11, I can have this shitty pun-site for a year!

Well, it actually is not really cheaper. 😭 But it has pun, damn it!


I use the same provider for this shared hosting as this site's domain seller. I bought the cheapest plan for 2 years. Look, when you have 99% text content, and minimalist site, it's the smartest plan you know. US$7 a year, 300mb disk storage, unlimited transfer bandwidth, and featureful cpanel. Nice!

Oh oh oh, Let's Encrypt is supported! Nice!

Web Pages

I generate this site using this stupid ass blog engine. I've written about it on the other post.

Look, I really do think that in my case, where what I do produce mostly is just text, I have a moral obligation to lower the power consumption for this site's operationals. I don't want to spend millions of cpu cycles just to parse CSS and PHP on server and users' side. I dislike visual noises, and when I want to read something, I just want to see text not some background picture or hero bullshit. No offense to people who love bullshit like that, tho.

Also, this site uses less than 10kb of css and js. Not that I wrote it myself, but surely it feels good to have minimalistic site. Psst... I just shamelessly copied it from PureCSS' example.

Update for a while

Just like bonsai, the blog engine changes through time. I added something there, removed another thing here, etc. Now it's just a stupidly boring site. (But there's an RSS feed!)


I don't know, perhaps it's the result of my own mental masturbation.

This material is shared under the CC-BY License.