My Arch Setup

Just read a blog about setup and things like that. So, why not write the same thing?


I can't really remember what's in it. But something like i5, 8gb ram, 250gb ssd. Can't be arsed to know them. But it has used its 4th cheap keyboard as long I remember. And you don't want to see the photo of those keyboards' innards. Eww.

It's been 5 years, I think. So, perhaps I will buy another one in 2 or 3 years.


Lately, I spend about 90% of my time in Emacs and a browser. Surely I can use eshell for my shell, but I'm not that comfortable using it. So, I decided to keep using "normal" shell and I choose zsh and Robby Russell's oh-my-zsh for my daily shell. Other than that, there are a few aliases and functions. Though it's mostly just shortcuts.


Nothing beats plain old vi for a quick editing, obviously. And Emacs for almost everything, specifically Spacemacs with evil flavor. I choose it because of $WORK and my language of choice, Haskell, has very good support in Emacs. Intero is really good, if I may say.

But, truth to be told, I haven't even dived deep enough when I use Emacs. So I can't say about how good LISP is, sadly.


Well, once in a week, I use KDE Plasma (and 4 before that). I used to really like it. Hell, I was an ardent believer that Plasma is much better than Gnome 2 and 3.

Now, most of the time, I use plain i3 because of its nice defaults. Even when I use non-standard keyboard layout, it detects which key it should bind. Nice.


You know, I have a conflicting feeling about the browser. Firefox, in one hand, getting better and better. But in the other hand, they've made a few questionable decisions. Yes, yes, those choices were better than the other browser did. But still... With more than 100 mio USD in funding, why would they chose that? That's really annoying, mate!

Input Output

(Update on 2018-05-18)


A cheapass 16x9 14 inches monitor. Also bought cheap earphone for this setup a week ago.

Because I can barely enjoy movies, I use those output devices just like a normal human bean. Nothing particularly interesting..


My man... I use prog. dvorak as my keyboard layout. It's nice, I guess.

(Update on 2018-05-30)

Bought a mech. keyboard, IKBC C104 with blue switches. Pretty nice so far.


Pretty much that's it. Will add later.

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