2017 Retrospective

TL;DR: I think I've burned out at first and then somehow still enjoying the rest just fine.


At the first half year, I didn't do much in term of self development. I just did what I had to do. Other than that, trying to find some timesink side projects.

On the second half, I really like it, and finally, I write Haskell for a living. Not as a main job-describtion, though. But still, it's really nice.

Learning and implementing stuff while being paid is really nice, to be honest. Especially when you're in the jungle and know nothing. Shit is so damn cash, mayne! I don't think I will resign from this job in the near future.

Timesink Side Toys

I've dabbled a few tech stacks for my side projects. Mainly for web development and stuff like that. Freya, Suave, and Servant to name most of it. What I've gained from dabbling in those frameworks and languages, in a sense, are mostly about, well, how to build a program with some requirements. While I do that, I also learned about the underlying theories and techniques.

Halted Projects

Open Sauce Contributions

Did a few contributions. Not really proud of it, actually. But I'll write it just for a memento.

(Not So) Personal

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