Authorization in Freya using JWT

(ABANDONED) This blog post should be written after a few other guides completed. Or if you want and can stand really bad code, you can read at Forum.Lock

So, here's the codes:

  let routeContent =
    freyaHttpMachine {
      authorized Util.authorized
      methods [ GET ]
      handleOk (Represent.text <!> protReqHandler)
      handleUnauthorized (Represent.text <!> Freya.init "Unauthorized.")

The important part is the authorized Util.authorized part. And Util.authorized itself is something like the following:

  module Util =
    open Forum.Lock
    let authorized =
      Request.header_ "authorization"
      |>  Freya.Optic.get
      >>= (Lock.authorize >> Freya.init)

and Forum.Lock.authorize is a function that compare the header (which is a JWT token) with the data on the database. And I admit, that code is a spaghetti code and really smell bad.

This material is shared under the CC-BY License.